Strategic Messaging Workshop FAQ


Many workshops start from what a company or product group want to message about. They create messaging around what they are asked to do and from interviews on people opinions. The issue with this approach is that there is often a lack of alignment on who the customer is, what problem he has and how it will be solved. This leads to messaging that does not engage the customer. This workshop starts with alignment on who the customer is, what his problems are and the real value of the proposed solution.

The leadership team should be involved with product marketing, marketing, sales and product management.

There are three sessions. The first one is a day, the next two are half days. There is however plenty of work that goes on before and after each session. They are best spread out over one to three weeks.

The agenda is published on the drop-down menu for the workshop

There are various options for a single day. Please use the contact form to discuss.

At the end of the workshop you will have a messaging document that will be used for the foundation of your sales and marketing content. You will also have a road map for content creation and roll out of the content and messaging. You will also be equipped with the tools and process to create new messaging as new use cases are developed. Also, take a look at  “Why run a workshop” on the workshop drop down. 

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