Compelling Content For All Buyers

Compelling Content Is King

Creating good content for customers to digest has always been a challenge and now “good content” is no longer good enough. If your content isn’t compelling, getting to the point fast, you will not have many consumers. 

Many make the mistake of wanting “meaty” content in the belief that a customer will not give up there contact information for anything less, but an endless source of webinars and long whitepapers is unlikely to attract any customers in a world of shortening attention spans.

We believe in a wide range of balanced content that starts with the simple and easy to consume but gets meatier as you unlock the interest of your customer to your product or solution.

Business Briefs

A business brief delivers compelling content to the  targeted economic decision makers in the early stages. They discuss the business problem and solution in a short 2-3 page paper. While they may mention products and technology, the focus is on solving business problems with call to actions that drive the customer deeper down the sales and marketing funnel.

Solution Briefs

A Solutions brief is a next click down after a business brief. It delivers compelling content for the complete solution that your product or services fit in. It may bring in partner vendors or services. It can target both the economic buyer and the technical buyer.

Product Briefs

Product briefs help with early stage technical decision maker. They are not an in-depth technical deep dive, but they set the stage for follow up deeper dives. The tell the technical decision maker enough to make them interested using this short 2-3 page paper.

Animated Videos

Short animated videos are a great way of telling the story at all stages of the sales and marketing funnel. Videos need to set the hook early within the first few frames. What makes a great video is a story that focuses on one or two compelling scenarios or facts. If you try to put across too much in one go, you will lose your viewers. We recommend to always create a series. Each video will focus on one aspect in a way that makes the viewer want to know more and watch the next one in the series.

We will write the story for you and can engage with your favorite producer or use our preferred producers.

Longer Reads

Once a customer is engaged and wanting to know more, longer whitepapers that go more in depth on the solution or technology are appropriate. However, white papers have got a bad reputation as technology vendors churn out endless long and rambling technology and sales pitches.

Studies and opinions state that you have between 2.7 and 10 seconds to grab someones attention. 

We help you develop white papers that are well planned and thought through, come from the point of view of the customer interest, are readable and position you as a credible authority.


How many times have you started to watch a webinar only to switch off and start looking at email or social media within the first five minutes? 

Webinars need to be engaging, they need to hold peoples attention as if they were in the room with your presenters.They need to address real customer issues, educate and position you without being and obvious sales pitch.


Blogs are a great way of reaching out in an  informal and interesting way. 

Blogs can:

  • Provide a way to interact with customers.
  • Pass on information and expertise.
  • Create excitement around a solution or brand.
  • Be a platform for customers and complementary vendors to promote themselves along with your products and services.
  • Be easily shared, liked and reposted.

We can ghost write blogs for you or be a featured guest.

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